My Story

Hello, I am proud to be the owner and president of Trophy Guide Service. We are the longest running; most recognized and awarded fishing service on Raystown Lake. I was born and raised on the original Raystown Lake and have vivid memories of hunting and fishing the old dam. With the filling of the new dam came the introduction of new sport fish such as Stripers and Lake Trout. 

Knowledge of the lake before and after filling helped to stay on top of the growing fishery. It is has given me the opportunity to create Raystown Lakes' most successful fishing service for more than 30 years and proud of 4 state records spanning over 40 years until recently. As your guide, I am proud to say this is real experience and dedication not found elsewhere.

My Passion

Completed and filled in the early 1970’s. Striped bass were introduced soon after. My passion is all aspects of fishing and hunting and I pride myself on being able to fish multi-species successfully and make “in the moment” decisions based on experience. Most of today’s fisherman and guides have become single focused on a species and comfortable with a few techniques but nowhere near the experience I am sharing with you. Sometimes a subtle change for the day can make the difference. 

Honestly, I appreciate all species of fish and enjoy sharing. techniques with you but Striper fishing is the top of my list. When Stripers (not hybrids) were introduced here, I got my first experience of the excitement they could bring especially with 1970’s fishing equipment. With this excitement, I was hooked for life. Raystown Lake was an early trial lake in the country to support this type of fishery. There were a lot of unknowns. Striped Bass were expected to grow to trophy sizes of 25lb in this lake and caused quite a bit of excitement. I had a reputation of catching these fish when they first reached bass size and as they grew each year to trophy sizes of 20 lb. 

We did not have any resources to learn from in those days. Experience and dedication were the ONLY way. My passion and dedication lead me to catch my first state record in the early 1980's through my fourth and most recent holding today. I took my experience and knowledge on the national Striper fishing circuit all over the east coast. I won the national title in 1989 fishing lakes from home to Kentucky, Tennessee etc... and finished 2nd nationally in 1990. I also learned and developed new ideas while aggressively pursuing the cutting edge of new methods and opportunities.

In 1987 I began a full-time fishing service that was unheard of on this lake and have never looked back. Unlike every other fishing service that has come after me, none has had dedication like this. 

As Striper fishing became more popular and the word of tackle busting fish reached beyond central PA,  many fair fishermen began to cash in. Part time guiding increased to complement their full-time employment or guides for specific seasons to fit their limited knowledge and comfort zone. The difference that you need to know is this is very clear. This is my life’s dedication. No safety nets. My name and business has merged with any reference of Raystown Lake.

What You Can Expect

I have had countless Customers through my boats over the years and more unique memories than can be possibly be explained here. My success was never a flash in a pan but has endured successfully over a long period of time. I have now boated four state record stripers and the longest holding at 53lb 12 oz. 

I have records spread out over 40 years not just a lucky day on the water. But on a humble note with all my experience I have learned that fishing is not automatic. One technique may not be the same tomorrow. There is always the chance of something special every time a line is wet. My customers have ranged from movie stars, professional athletes, politicians, professional fisherman as well as mom, dad and the kids on their first adventure. Every day is different and it takes a library of knowledge to put the percentages in your favor. Nobody fishing Raystown has more time, experience or my credentials. 

My promise to you is to do whatever it takes to show you a good time. I pride myself on not only catching fish but teaching you as well. I do believe its not as important what you take from life but what you leave behind.